Enterprise Risk Management

Don’t Navigate Today’s Complex Risk Environment Alone

ALM First’s ERM Connect solutions and collaborative community were designed to assist financial institutions in identifying sources of risk and opportunity, measuring and monitoring risk exposure trends, and delivering concise risk reporting across a full risk taxonomy.

As the financial landscape becomes increasingly complex, it is crucial for depository leaders and board members to fully understand their institution’s potential risks and know when to dive deeper into areas. A trusted partner like ALM First assists depositories in defining their risk appetite, measuring quantitative and qualitative risk exposures, and producing reports ready-made to drive executive and board-level discussions.

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Enterprise Risk Management Service Offerings

ERM Development and Implementation

Update or start your ERM program

ERM Connect Dashboard

An industry-leading tool to measure your quantitative risks

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ERM Connect Risk Assessment

An industry-leading tool to measure your qualitative risks

ERM Connect Community

Collaborate with leading peer ERM leaders


Enterprise Risk Management Development Stages

Why Choose Our Enterprise Risk Management Solutions?

As a trusted partner to hundreds of depositories nationwide, we understand your unique challenges and the speed at which those challenges, such as credit risk and operational risk, can evolve. ERM Connect is designed to address these risks, providing a comprehensive framework to identify, measure and monitor risk exposures.

ERM Connect is unique in its ability to bring depository institutions together. Using the ERM Connect Dashboard, compare peer and industry metrics to identify trends in quantitative risk exposures. Similarly, compare your qualitative risk exposures and control environment to other institutions using ERM Connect Risk Assessment to identify weaknesses and opportunities. Join in quarterly discussions with peer ERM Connect leaders to review loss events, near misses, emerging risks, and industry trends.

ERM breaks traditional entrenched silos where risk exposures are often managed with little consideration for interdependencies. The ERM Connect program improves transparency and helps executive management and board members understand and compare the risks taken by the institution.

In addition to ERM Connect, we offer consulting services delivered by a team of experienced risk management professionals. Our consultants have been in your position. They’ve chaired and held seats on numerous risk committees, conducted risk assessments, developed models, defined risk metrics, and written risk appetite statements. They know how to work as an extension of your team, taking time to understand your specific needs and tailor solutions to meet your objective. With their deep industry knowledge and best practices, they will guide you through each step of the journey toward effective risk management, ensuring regulatory compliance and promoting sustainable growth.

ERM Connect is continuously updated to align with the latest regulatory guidelines and industry standards. By utilizing our solution, you can stay ahead of regulatory requirements, demonstrating your commitment to sound risk management practices and maintaining a strong reputation among stakeholders.

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Empower your board and leadership team to understand the full range of potential threats your depository is facing, ask deeper questions, and manage risk more effectively. Partner with ALM First today to implement our cutting-edge ERM tool and benefit from our expert consulting services.

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