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Adding Securitization to Your Liquidity Toolbox

Securitization Advisory from ALM First

Looking for new solutions to liquidity challenges? Issuing asset-backed securities can build financial strength, benefit your key stakeholders and help keep your loan engine running.

Serving as an institution’s advocate, ALM First works with depositories from start to finish to help ensure a successful transaction and minimize surprises. Our experienced team offers expertise and support in navigating all aspects of the securitization process, from assisting with profitability assessments to regulatory communications, negotiations, and more. 


Securitization Objectives:


A Trusted Partner Advocating on Behalf of Your Institution:

  • Evaluation of securitization profitability relative to participation market
  • Pool selection, Broker Selection, and negotiation
  • Assist with state, board and, other regulatory communications
  • Strategic maneuvering throughout the process, including hedging if desired
  • Identification of biggest problem areas to help minimize surprise and issues on time
  • Be an advocate for the institution and challenge the broker/securitization process from start to finish